jak - zetrzeć skórkę z cytryny?

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There are basically 3 ways to zest a lemon: a zester a microplane or grater a paring knife

Using a zester results in long, thin strands which can be left as is or chopped more finely. Simply run the zester along the length of the fruit.

For continuous strips, begin at one end and drag the zester in a spiral fashion around the fruit.

This produces finely grated zest and is ideal for baking.

Rub the lemon diagonally across the grater. You will need to keep continually turning the lemon to avoid grating the white pith.

If you don’t have a microplane you could use a cheese grater.

If you don’t happen to own a grater or a zester a vegetable peeler will still do the job. You just need to be careful to take off the zest only and not the pith.

Cut the strips vertically from one end to the other or cut around the lemon in a circular fashion.

Always wash your fruit before you begin in case it has been sprayed with pesticides.

If you are juicing the lemon as well, grate the zest first before squeezing the juice.

Once you grate your zest it should be used immediately.

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