parówki - ośmiorniczki

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Składniki :

3 sausages (Japanese sausages are typically this size)
6 sesame seeds

Japanese sausage are typically 3 inches, if your sausage is longer, cut sausage to 3 inch length. Holding sausage sideways and slice all way down one side. Rotate 90 degrees and slice again. Now the sausage have 4 "legs".

Cut again between slits and you will end up with 8 legs. Hold the sausage so that the slits don’t open up when you slice through.

In a small frying pan, heat a little bit of oil and cook sausages on medium heat. When the sausages are cooked through and the “legs” start to open up, remove from the heat and serve or pack in lunch box.

Add sesame seeds for octopus eyes.

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